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At some point in time you will need to repair a copper pipe with a slip coupling. This type of repair is easily done with some very basic plumbing and soldering. The slip coupling acts as a sort of copper band aid that goes over the broken part of the pipe and stop a leak.

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Copper is a soft metal and can fail as an anti-seize agent under high pressure resulting in metal-on-metal contact and a seized fastener. rocol anti-seize products however, contain other additives such as graphite or molybdenum disulphide which withstand higher loads and creating a greater barrier between metal surfaces.

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Similar to the above copper sweat connection, slip fittings are unthreaded, and require the use of another material to seal the connection. Slip fittings are used with plastic piping – ABS, CPVC, and PVC.

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I’ve used copper ease for years on cars, motorbikes and bicycles. I think that whoever told you not to use it is talking out of their @rse. It’s the perfect stuff to use on pedal cranks because it will stop them seizing up so you’re less likely to damage the cranks when you take the pedals off.

Often, plumbing requires soldering copper pipe or gluing PVC. These are tried-and-true methods but for connecting a simple sink drain, there’s an easier way. Slip joints refer to a ‘mechanical union that allows limited endwise movement of two solid items for example, pipe, rod, or duct with relation to each other’.

Slip Fit Spouts WITH THE "O"-RING SEAL Lookout must be free from deep scratches, dents, kinks or bends. The cut-off end must be free from burrs inside and out. The edge must not be rolled inward from a dull tubing cutter. The spouts are specifically designed to permit the use of copper water tube on drops and lookouts. FINISHED WALL LINE