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WHEEL SPEED SENSOR. Modern cars and trucks use a variety of sensors to send data from their components to their computers. These sensors regulate everything from your speedometer readout to the way your anti-lock braking system (ABS) functions.

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What is the Wheel Speed Sensor all about? A wheel speed sensor, also called an "ABS sensor," is part of the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). It is located on the tires (near the brake rotors for the front tires and in the rear end housing for the rear tires).

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When a wheel speed sensor (WSS) fails or there’s a problem in the sensor’s wiring circuit, it usually disables the ABS system and causes the ABS warning light to come on. Loss of a wheel speed signal is a serious problem because the ABS module needs accurate input from all its sensors to.

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I’m getting the abs/BAS and all those bad wheel speed sensor lights on my dash. I’m looking at the sensors in the front and they seem fine physically (I’m assuming it’s the front sensor because when it activates it pulls the steering wheel to the right) Is here a way to tell if they’re bad or not?

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The anti-lock braking system (ABS) on the Dodge Ram uses a wheel sensor to monitor the wheel speed on each wheel. The ABS controller uses this information to prevent the brakes from locking during an emergency stop. If the ABS warning light comes on, it may indicate the wheel sensor has become clogged with metallic.

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